Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Militant Atheism

The hubs and I recently watched this Richard Dawkins lecture on TED (I love TED and so should you).

And, as I blog, I’m having a twittervation about speaking my mind on Twitter vs. being sensitive to my Christian followers. Lately I’ve been getting a few conservative, Christian followers…guess they didn’t realize I’m a liberal, LGBT-supporting, Obama-voting, atheist?

At any rate…I explained my “politeness” on Twitter thusly:

I'll cuss sometimes. But I really like a lot of my Christian followers and don't want to lose them by being insensitive.

All of this makes me wonder…

Am I just being a scaredy-cat, follower whore? Am I too chicken to speak my mind for fear of losing my audience? Or is there merit in being user-friendly to a broader audience {especially when I do have an outlet for uncensored thoughts – this blog}?

Your thoughts?