Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, Duh

I am opposed to the nuking of unborn, gay whales.

I support initiatives to outlaw stealing candy from babies.

I think burning your neighbor's house to the ground is wrong.

I think poisoning kittens is mean.

I am opposed to tattooing "LOSER" on people's fore heads against their will.

I am against mandatory euthanasia of menopausal women.

I support minorities' right to breathe.

I believe all people should have the right to call rainbows "pretty."

I think cancer is bad.

I think only a vile group of people wouldn’t support a law to protect LGBT persons from housing and job discrimination and that it is absolutely not newsworthy to state your support of basic human decency (unless of course you’re pulling a PR stunt in a pathetic attempt to draw attention away from all the other shitty, anti-gay things you do).

Just sayin’.