Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Food For Thought

I've come across some interesting items that have the wheels in my brain turning.

Leaving the church has caused to no end of paradigm shifts. Some are sad (finding what I cherished to be not at all what it appeared to be) and some have been joyous (finding that I don't have to feel guilty for being imperfect).

These items are of the former type of paradigm shift.

Anecdotes about sexual abuse. Be sure to read the quote from Richard G. Scott about victims needing to take some responsibility for abuse (disgusting).
Mormonism's Problem With Child Sexual Abuse (article in the Salt Lake Tribune in 1996).

Of course, this is a Church organized by a man who participated in "questionable" sexual conduct himself (here's a brief introduction).

The truth about Mormon divorce rates.

These things do not jive with the claims of the church.