Friday, February 13, 2009

Loss & Healing

When I no longer need to write on here and when I no longer think about the church and the damage it did each day, then I'll know I've healed (as much as possible).

In the meantime I'm grateful for the outlet this blog provides me. My brain is working overtime trying to make sense of it all and if I had no way to get the thoughts out of my head I'd go a little (more) crazy.

I do wish I had held on tighter to my non-Mormon friends when I converted because I desperately want to have meaningful relationships with non-members right now. I still value my genuine friendships with Mormons. But I need social time with those who don't remind me of that from which I'm trying to recover. But my non-Mormon friends weren't "a good influence" so I separated myself from them. What a terrible loss my religious arrogance caused me. One of many losses my membership in "God's One True Church" caused me.